DIY Grooming Travel Bag

Hello everyone!

Ok, now I’m very excited about June, because I have a few trips booked.

Paris first, then Stockholm! In preparation I thought I should get myself some kind of grooming travel bag, because last time I traveled I didn’t want to put my tooth brush in my make-up bag and I ended up just throwing it in the luggage bag, wrapped in some kitchen towel because it was still wet – because I had just used it, because my flight was really early, because I am really cheap and don’t want to pay more for a later flight, because it was so early I didn’t know what I was doing and wrapping it in paper was a really bad idea, but you try to get up at 2am after 1 1/2 hours sleep and see how many great life decisions you manage to make, so shut up! Yeah!

In any case, it hit me I could probably make one myself very easily!

What I found was this: it is so easy, and very cheap to make your own. Plus they look really cute!

DIY Grooming Bag


Alright, you are going to need a couple of things: Face towel, pins, ribbon.

Step One

Now, to begin with I measured the towel, the M&S face cloth I bought was 30cm across, so I marked the towel with a pin at 7.5 cm marks because I wanted 4 pockets.

Then I folded the bottom up to make a pouch. There was no precise measurement here. All I did was bring out my tooth brush and make sure it would fit height wise.

Step One


When I was happy with the fold, I pinned the sides and sewed them.
A small warning: using a sewing machine on a folded towel, can be a bit of a pain. But stick with it, and don’t be afraid to pull out the stiches if something goes wrong. Once we fluff the towel a little it’ll all be hidden anyway!


Once the far sides have been sewn it’s time to add some pockets.

Now, remember the marks you set at 7.5cm intervals? Add some pins on the fold a little to the left of the place mark.The reason for this is that so they don’t get in the way of the sewing machine but still hold everything in place. Try to judge it the best you can and go crazy! If it’s not on the 7.5cm mark presicley, no worries. It’s a towel, people! No big deal!

Step Three


Yay! Almost there!

Ok, so get out your ribbon.


And measure enough so that it goes all the way around the towel and then some. Don’t worry if it’s too long at this stage we will trim it later.

Step Four

Ok, turn your work over and pin the ribbon to the left edge (right when the pockets are facing up). I place the ribbon just above the top of the pocket, on the back.

Then you sew it in place.


Once you have your ribbon in place, fold your grooming bag (coming together nicely now, eh?) and tie the ribbon in a bow.

Step Five

Remember how earlier I said we’d deal with the ribbon length later? Well now is the time!

Get your scissors and cut the ribbon to your desired length at an angle (looks prettier that way).

Step Five

You’ve done that? Great!

Now, the fun part. To prevent the ribbon from fraying we need to get a lighter (or a match) and lightly burn the edge to seal it.

If you are a child or accident prone, do not attempt this yourself – go get a real adult!

(Enjoy this video of me playing with fire.)

And boom, look at that! You made your very own grooming bag!





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